The “K” in Team KC

Kelly Donovan was a police officer in Waterloo Region until 2017. She attempted to expose internal abuses of power when police investigate themselves for domestic violence, and she faced retaliation for doing so. In 2018, she began a legal battle with her former employer that is now in its 5th year.
Kelly is choosing now to focus entirely on her passion for home construction. When Kelly was 14 she started working with her father, Larry Donovan Homes, in the Brant County area. She continued her passion with Do It Herself, teaching women basic home improvement and renovation skills. Now, it’s time to get back to what she loves.


The “C” in Team KC

Christian Lillington worked for 26 years as an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. His career included domestic, peacekeeping and 2 tours to Afghanistan. In 2019, Christian retired and later released his book about his life in the military and living with PTSD in military leadership.